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How to Choose Correct Cize Clothes for Your Pet

How to Choose Correct Cize Clothes for Your Pet

Pet clothing has become a fun way to personalize your furchild by giving them their own sense of style. If you are new to pet ownership and want to buy clothes for your baby, or if you have had the experience of buying your pet clothes that don’t fit, we will teach you how to measure your pet(dog and cat) for clothes. Doing so ensures an excellent fit, which translates to fewer product returns, a comfortable furchild, and a positively dapper appearance.

How to Choose Correct Cize Clothes for Your Pet

Step 1: Measure your pet’s size

Generally we measure three sizes with the pet standing and the body fully expanded, and repeat the measurement two to three times to ensure the value is accurate.

Neck Girth: The thickest part of the pet’s neck, Start at the base of their neck and wrap the tape measure around, close to their fur but allowing for two of your fingers to slip under the tape.

Chest Girth: The thickest circle of the dog’s chest at the root of their front legs to measure.

Body length: From the base of the neck to the base of the tail to measure.

Step 2: Check the merchant’s size chart and pick the right size

Each size will have a specific value of neck girth, chest girth, back length, you just need to take the size of the pet measured against the size provided by the merchant to choose the right size. If you measure the size between the two sizes provided by the merchant, then it is recommended to buy a size larger, choose large not small, this is a principle!

If you often choose a bad size follow the above way, then I give you some tips!

TIP 1: Select size according to clothing fabric material. If it is a sweatshirt, T-shirt type of knitted fabric, because it is elastic fabric, we try to choose the size of the fit, even if the small point will not affect the movement, and looks very fit. If it is a shirt, jacket, coat class woven fabric, the size should be slightly larger, such as chest measurement out is 24inch, then we take the chest is 25inch may wear out just right.

TIP 2: Select size according to style the style. Two-legged clothes (such as T-shirts, vest,  hoodie ) pick back length short point does not matter, the main base on the chest, neck girth.

Four feet jumpsuit selection, in addition to the bust, neck girth, must consider the back length, Too long will cover the tail, too short can not wear in.

TIP 3: Select size according the specific characteristics of the pet, consult the business. This point is to some of the more special size of the baby’s advice. Because generally speaking, businesses are based on the size of the small pet to do the pet clothes, many pets are not applicable. And these sizes will not be given by the merchant, we need to consult the business.

For example, the short-legged Corgi, buy long-sleeved long pants, you can consult the merchant sleeve length, pant leg length.

Of course, The surest way is to  buy an undershirt sleeveless model when you are not sure.

Bulldogs have thick necks, and neck girth is a size to pay special attention to. Hileben pet clothes offers special sizes (FB1, FB2) for french bulldogs, check the size chart to pick correct size clothes for your dogs.

Pets with big stomach also need to pay more attention, Generally the waist of the pet will be slightly smaller than the chest, or as big, if your pet’s stomach is bigger than the chest, consult the business this size!

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