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Should Dog Wear Clothes?

Should Dog Wear Clothes?

It is a common phenomenon for dogs to wear clothes now. What we are going to discuss today is to put aside the subjective and aesthetic concepts, the advantages and disadvantages of dog wearing clothes are analyzed from the point of dog health, and how to wear clothes.

First of all, let’s talk about the advantages of clothing for dogs:

  1. Cold protection and heat preservation: In this case, it is necessary to dress the dog, which is related to its health. For example, chihuahuas, miniature dobermans, which are very small, very thin and low in fat content, as well as very young or old dogs, they are more afraid of cold and have weaker resistance. It is best to wear clothes when going out, which can reduce the chance of them getting sick.
  2. The need for cleaning: Dogs do not need to bathe often, but bathing all the time may cause their skin problems. Therefore, when the outside is relatively dirty, wearing clothes can keep them clean for a long time, and also reduce the burden of dog owners.
  3. Protect the body surface: It is also beneficial to wear clothes when taking the dog out to play. For example, taking the dog to climb the mountain in autumn and wearing clothes can prevent the dog from bringing back too many plant seeds, and it can also prevent insects. Climb into the dog’s fur.

Disadvantages of dogs wearing clothes:

  1. Knots caused by long-haired dogs: under the armpit, neck, and shoulder straps, because the clothes press the hair very tightly, plus friction, it is easy to form hairballs, if not carefully combed quickly It has become a knot that is hard to comb. Therefore, after undressing the dog, comb the dog’s hair in time.
  2. Causes skin diseases: Although there is no problem of long hair knotting for short-haired dogs, the friction of the fabric on the epidermis may cause skin diseases, allergies, itching, and peeling of the dog.
  3. Ill-fitting clothing may limit the dog’s movement and chafe the skin.

How should I dress my dog?

  1. Don’t wear it for a long time: put it on when you go out, and take it off when you come back, which can avoid the three “disadvantages” mentioned above.
  2. Pay attention to the fabric: Choose natural fabrics such as pure cotton and pure wool, which can minimize the skin allergy and itching caused by dogs, and also reduce the damage of static electricity to the dog’s fur. Hileben dog clothes meet the needs, hand select every material, offer the highest standard clothes to every furbaby.
  3. Choose clothes that fit well: Needless to say. It is better to choose a loose style that will not restrain dog.

Dogs are used to not wearing clothes, and suddenly letting them wear clothes is definitely not very adaptable, so it is very important to let dogs get used to it gradually. We can make dogs like clothes with some training. Start by placing the clothing where the dog can see it, where it can look and touch the clothing. During this time, the owner can give the dog some snacks. During each training session, slowly bring the clothing closer to the dog. And Put the coat on the dog for a short time. After wearing it a few times, the dog will get used to it.

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